Peace of mind for the Over 50s

You might feel young, but if you’re over 50 you’re already twice as likely to die as you were when you turned 40*. If you haven’t sorted out over 50s life insurance yet, you could be leaving your family with the financial burden of paying for your funeral if the worst were to happen.

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The cost of planning a funeral in the UK is rising. According to 2023 figures, the average price of a basic funeral is £3,953**, however the current cost of living has inflated professional fees and send-off costs, taking the total cost of dying figure to an average of £9,200**. Despite this, only 18% of people over the age of 50 have an over 50s life insurance policy in place to cover the cost of their funeral**.

Winston is designed to take the hassle out of getting your over 50s life insurance sorted. In a few minutes, you can get matched with either an increasing or fixed-price, quote for cover, so you can make sure your loved ones have some of the financial support they need to give you the send-off you deserve.

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What is Over 50s Life Insurance?

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There's no medical, just a hassle-free application over the phone.

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Your lump sum cash payment is 100% guaranteed upon your death after just one year of making payments.

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You can choose increasing or fixed-price cover to support your peace of mind.

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